CannAgri Consulting and Publishing is a quality assurance, compliance and regulatory affairs consulting firm focusing on the North American and European cannabis industry. CannAgri Consulting and Publishing is committed to serving the needs of the cannabis industry stakeholders in both the developed (for example Canada, United States of America, European Union, New Zealand, Australia etc.) and developing countries (South Africa, Lesotho etc.). CannAgri Consulting and Publishing is a full-service firm specializing in regulatory affairs, quality assurance, cultivation, processing, packaging, facility design for optimal cannabis quality.

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Services Offered for the Cannabis Industry

1. Type of Cannabis Application

Based on the business plan that our client has in mind, CannAgri will advise on the type of licence that they should apply for. As the principle of CannAgri, the business plan should drive the regulatory compliance strategy not vice versa. CannAgri believes that regulatory frameworks are a positive and are meant to help the industry. Correct interpretation of the regulations is key and this is where CannAgri bridges the gap between our client and the regulatory authorities.

2. Site Selection

CannAgri will advise our client in the selection of the site where the cannabis production/processing/packaging would be most suitable. If our client already has a site in mind, then CannAgri will help in assessing the feasibility of the site for cannabis activity which includes communicating with local authorities.

3. Facility Design

CannAgri will help our client in the designing of the cannabis production site from the operational and regulatory compliance standpoint. CannAgri can design the cannabis product site as per Good Production Practices (GPP) as well as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). During the facility design, CannAgri will work with our clients architects, engineers, general contractors, etc. to ensure that the HVAC, surface materials, etc. are up to the best food & pharmaceutical standards.

4. GAP Analysis

It often happens that clients might have tried to write applications themselves or hired another consultant who didn't perform as per the clients’ expectations. CannAgri offers to help such cases, where it conducts a GAP analysis for the already developed application and offers additional help to complete and submit the application on the client’s behalf.

5. Auditing Services

CannAgri provides auditing services for both cannabis regulation standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). During the audits, clients are provided with an agenda which covers the scope of the audit. In addition, after the audit is complete, a full report is submitted to our client with the recommendations on improving their quality management system. This ensures that the client’s level of compliance follows the certification body guidelines and thus reduces the time frame involved.

6. Platform Maintenance

Specifically maintaining online cannabis platform accounts. CannAgri offers services to maintain the online cannabis application accounts, for example CTLS (in Canada) where CannAgri helps and guides clients in maintaining their CTLS accounts, with monthly reports to the regulatory Authorities.

7. Developing of Cannabis Application & Site Inspection

CannAgri will provide a list of cannabis application requirements and will work with clients to complete all of these requirements which includes all the documentation required for the application. Prior to the submission of the application, CannAgri will conduct an onsite inspection to ensure that the site matches every detail which is mentioned in the application. Once the application is deemed complete, CannAgri will submit the application on behalf of our client to the licensing authorities.

8. Quality Management System (QMS)

CannAgri offers services to help develop, maintain, and train personnel on the quality management system required to maintain a cannabis facility as per the applicable requirements. There are two types of QMS offered - Good Production Practices (GPP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Both QMS systems are designed to cater the needs of the operations and to ensure compliance to the regulatory framework. CannAgri offers, if required, online and onsite training for the QMS. QMS includes standard operating procedures, forms, logs, record keeping directions, site master file, and so forth.

9. Sourcing of Genetics & Equipment

CannAgri has built strong relationships with the vendors who supply genetics and equipment of the best quality and compliance. On our client’s request, CannAgri may assist in sourcing of the best suited genetics and equipment for their operations..

10. Communication with the Licensing/Regulatory Authorities

During the application or the audit process, CannAgri offers communication services with the licensing/regulatory authorities. CannAgri drafts responses on behalf of our client’s and ensure that the communication is very clear and precise as per the request of authorities. CannAgri will discuss each communication with our client, point by point, before submitting it to the authorities.